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Garbage in, garbage out. Making sense of clinical studies.

When I read a study, I look at how it was designed., and who did the research. This is how doctors are trained, but what is a non doctor to do?
First, disregard the media. They thrive on bad news.

Second, read the study and ask yourself, how was it designed? Did they stack the deck with lots of really sick people, and then say the vitamin did not help them?

Was the research funded by a drug company, whose goal is to help treat illnesses instead of helping you stay well?

Did the study use the beneficial amount of the supplement, or did they use levels that were too small to have an impact? Did the study use the purest, most active portion of the supplement?

As a doctor and surgeon, I see firsthand the impact of poor diet has on our health. As a researcher, I have seen the studies that show benefits of supplements.

The bottom line is that we know the majority of people are not getting enough of the needed vitamins and supplement consistently from their diet. Why do we say this? To get enough vitamn e, you would need to eat 200 peanuts each day. To get enough Vttamin a,  you need to eat about 27 spears of broccoli each day. With the body needing at least 20-25 vitamins and minerals, you can see this can be hard to do.

This is why we put so many added ingredient in the Body Language products, to provide maximum support to help you live your best life.

Save Yourself!

Eating right, exercising, maintaining your appropriate weight, getting enough sleep are all critical to your health. However, it is imperative that you are supplementing wisely; we can help. Check out to optimize your health- YOU ARE WORTH IT. Michael Seidman, MD., FACS

Don’t have a Holiday Food Hangover!

Easter, Passover, and other holidays are right around the corner!

During the holidays, we tend to eat more rich foods, indulge in more drinks, and deal with the stress of holiday shopping. So take care of yourself this holiday season, with advice from the doctor!
Get some sleep. Try to walk a bit or get exercise, stay hydrated. And support your immune system with the help of Body Language Vitamins.
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All supplements are not the same! Vitamin Doc is made to be absorbed.

Supplements can help you live a healthier life. But not all supplements are created equally.

Body Language Vitamins are designed to be absorbable, and provide much more than common multivitamins or one a day supplements.

We include active components from fruits, and vegetables, and the best of science and nature to help you look and feel your best with the supplements created by a physician that has studied nutrition, and clinically researched their benefits, including with funding from the National Institutes of Health.