Colds, flu and other viruses from traveling on planes! Tis the season-be prepared, better to play offense than defense.

You know the routine; you’re always in the seat very close to the sneezing, hacking, nose blowing person… never fails. Or you come in contact with a sick child or colleague. Usually within 24-48 hours you have got their bug.

What can we do about this. First off, what do I do? Wash my hands frequently and take two Body Language Vitamin Co proprietary cold and flu formula prior to flying (thousands of other people are doing this successfully as well). Additionally if you are around anyone with a cold or flu bug, take our formula for 3-4 days as directed on the bottle to lower your risk of getting the infection. Lastly if you think you are getting a cold, start the formula immediately and continue it for 2-3 days after all symptoms are gone. See the short video detailing the formula on our Cold & Flu page.

This formula was developed by Dr. Seidman and one of the most famous Hakim’s (Herbal Medicine Doctors) in the World. We have included only the correct parts of the plant and used the most scientifically validated ingredients.

Most people do not realize that there are at least nine different subtypes of Echinacea, ie E. purpurea, pallida and angustifolia. According to the German Commission E (the leading text for the medicinal use of herbs), E. purpurea leaf and E.pallida root work to enhance T and B cell function (important cells for healthy immune function), but that other parts of the same plant are ineffective! Additionally, they rate E. Angustifolia as a negative herb. An herb gets a negative rating if it is ineffective, harmful or not enough is known. Most bottles of Echinacea that you purchase in the store are surprisingly the angustifolia form, why? Because those manufacturers are NOT doing their homework and they are likely just trying to save money. At Body Language Vitamin Co we have done our research very carefully, check out our Proprietary Cold and flu Formula. Limited clinical research has shown that this supplement reduces the symptoms of the common cold and shortens duration of the URI to 2-4 days in up to 85% of users. We find this formula to be highly effective (see some of our unsolicited Testimonials). If you have an autoimmune disorder (ie Lupus or Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) or if you are taking medicines that would affect your immune system, ie anti-cancer drugs, or medicines to reduce your likelihood of rejecting an organ transplant then you must not take this supplement without first consulting with your physician.

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