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At MyVitaminDoc.com, you have direct access to a vitamin expert who can help guide you to the right supplements for your body. Dr. Michael Seidman, founder of MyVitaminDoc.com, has been named one of the top U.S. physicians and honored worldwide for his clinical expertise. After years of research, Dr. Seidman determined what our bodies actually need from supplements. Believing vitamins could be dramatically improved, this nutritional expert set out to create the best multivitamins and specialized supplements. This led to groundbreaking products that support well-being in relation to age, gender, stress, activities, health concerns, environment and diet. Let the discoveries of a professional vitamin expert work for your body.

Get Valuable Vitamin Advice on the Right Supplements

Turn to the vitamin advice of a medical leader who’s been interviewed on Good Morning America, CNN and other national news outlets, as well as quoted in publications such as Shape, Prevention, Men’s Health and The New York Times. Dr. Seidman routinely provides advice on vitamins to professional sports teams. Though many professional athletes and celebrities already depend on his formulas, he founded MyVitaminDoc.com to promote good health for everyone.

Every Body Can Benefit from a Vitamin Doctor

Michael Seidman, M.D., earned a B.S. in Human Nutrition and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Michigan. This vitamin doctor has revolutionized men’s health vitamins and women’s supplements, traveling worldwide to locate superior ingredients. Dr. Seidman is a vitamin-focused doctor, who has received scientific patents, been awarded major research grants, published numerous articles, and shown an ongoing commitment to developing smarter supplements to make the world a healthier place.

I'm Dr. Michael Seidman, Founder of MyVitaminDoc. In 1981, I recognized that most nutritional supplements just aren't made with enough of the right kinds of vitamins and minerals to protect our bodies from the effects of aging, contemporary diets, hectic lifestyles and a polluted environment.

I've devoted years of in-depth study and documented clinical research to precisely understand what our bodies really need from vitamins supplements.

The result is MyVitaminDoc - here you can find scientifically formulated and clinically tested nutritional supplements, created by really listening to what our bodies are telling us we need for a healthier, better quality life. Our nutraceuticals are made in an FDA inspected laboratory that is certified GMP and we create and promote the finest natural and pharmaceutical grade supplements in the marketplace.

Listen to your body and try MyVitaminDoc - we offer great brands available from this web site and we from a growing list of vitamin retailers that you can trust!

We focus on a science based approach that ensures quality and satisfaction. Dr. Seidman consults patients and determines their needs based on a holistic and tested system allowing for the use of the highest performance natural vitamins and supplements. Our Mission Statement: MISSION STATEMENT: To be the leading source of scientifically-based products and services centered on the pursuit of achieving a healthy lifestyle through diet, nutrition, physical activity and appropriate lifestyle choices.

You deserve the best vitamin brands, made to the highest quality standards,so you can enjoy optimal health and peak performance. Dr. Michael Seidman, physician, scientist, nutritionist and Director of Wellness at one of the largest health systems in the country, has selected the best supplements to help you feel, work and live better. One of the top-rated brands, Body Language Vitamins, has over 20 years of in-depth research, and gets our #1 ranking as the very best vitamin brand for men, women and children. Experience the difference these products can make in your daily activities. Body Language offers multivitamins and specialized supplements that guard against the negative effects of aging, improper diet, career stress, hectic lifestyles and polluted environments. From boosting athletic performance to supporting the immune system, this leading brand of advanced vitamins works in harmony with your body for an improved quality of life.

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