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Cardio Peak™ with Standardized Hawthorn and Arjuna

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Cardio Peak™ with Standardized Hawthorn and Arjuna
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Cardiotonics have traditionally been used to improve heart function and vitality. Formulated for optimum heart muscle health, Cardio Peak™ withStandardized Hawthorn and Arjuna provides dual cardiotonic support.

Extensive research demonstrates that the botanical extracts Hawthorn andArjuna deliver optimum support for normal heart muscle function and coronary artery health.9-25

Used for centuries in Europe for heart health, the cardiotonic effects ofHawthorn extract have been well documented in numerous clinical trials.9,17-20 Hawthorn contains specific bioflavonoid complexes targeted to help promote normal circulation and efficient heart muscle function.10,13,21Studies indicate that the constituents in Hawthorn powerfully support:

  • Strong contractile force of human heart muscle.11
  • Protection for heart muscle cells from oxidant damage.9,10
  • Normal gene expression to promote cardiovascular health.8,10,13
  • Improved cardiovascular performance.19

Traditionally used for cardiovascular health, arjuna extract complementsthe effects of hawthorn in support of enhanced heart function.22-25 A numberof scientific studies have shown that arjuna delivers strong support for:

  • Enhanced heart muscle tone, improving its “squeeze” and increasing the amount of blood it can pump each second without exhaustion.24
  • Healthy endothelial function.16
  • Improved exercise endurance.25

A comprehensive program that includes diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes is important to your cardiovascular health. Cardio Peak™ with Standardized Hawthorn and Arjuna may also be key to providing unique cardiotonic support for a strong and healthy heart.

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