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Tinnitus Formula

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Tinnitus Formula
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Arches #1 Seller - If you only do one thing for your tinnitus, this is it!

Recommended dosage is 2 capsules taken twice daily for a minimum of 100 days (4 bottles). Each serving of two capsules contains 240 mg premium grade Ginkgo biloba extract, 15 mg Zinc picolinate and 300 mg odor-controlled garlic.

Both Ginkgo biloba extract and Zinc have been proven effective as treatments for tinnitus in numerous clinical trials.

Caution: Ginkgo biloba increases circulation and has a mild anticoagulant effect. People who are taking prescription anticoagulants, such a Coumadin or Plavix, or who have a history of bleeding problems such as hemophilia, frequent nosebleeds, hemorrhage, etc. should consult their physician before using this product.

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